Slice Like A Champion

Q: How do I create beautiful, symmetrical pie slices?

A: Slicing pie doesn't seem so difficult..that is until you are at your family's holiday party and Uncle Ned complains that his slice of pie is too small compared to Aunt Norma's slice of pie.

Let's start with the basic.

Use a large chef's knife (8"-10"). Do not go near your beautiful pie with a plastic knife, a butter knife, or a pocket knife. Only sad slices will remain. 

Once you have your proper pie slicing tool in hand, follow the chart below for pie slicing glory.

Slice like a Champion

Now, your slices are sliced and your pie remains intact. 

The final step is to remove each slice with a pie server. Pie serves are specifically designed to fit under a single slice of pie. This will help ensure you remove a clean slice of pie instead of a slice and a half.

Happy Slicing! 

 PS. Give yourself a break on the first slice, it is always a bear.

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