Preheated Podcast: Part One


Q. What are some more unusual pies you encourage folks to try?

A. Our listeners loved, absolutely loved, the chocolate chess pie we did in Episode 16. We had people from all over the world, and of all ages, making and raving about this "brownie" pie. Stefin even awarded it her First Season Blue Ribbon.


Episode 16: Chocolate Chess Pie Declared a Winner

This February, we're trying another old-fashioned one: Alton Brown's shoo-fly pie, which is a molasses pie. Both chocolate chess and shoo-fly fall into the category of "desperation pies," which were born of hard times, when folks wanted to make dessert but didn't have access to ingredients (or the money for them). We always love an opportunity to help keep these important elements of food heritage alive and relevant today.

In a very modern twist, we also had fun with the Totally Biscoff Pie we featured in Episode 14. Biscoff cookies and butter were a completely new ingredient for both of us, and now we use them all the time! (In fact, it's a little dangerous to keep them in the house!)

Episode 14: Biscoff 10, Willpower 0

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