Choosing Your Apples

Q: How do I choose the best apples?

A: There is nothing more quintessential than apple pie in the fall. As the weather turns cooler and the leaves begin to change colors, bakers across the world are pre-heating their ovens in anticipation of baking a fresh, apple pie. 

There are so many varieties of apples, so do not feel like you have to limit yourself to just one.


 Depending on the level of tart and sweet that you prefer, will help you determine what variety of apple to choose for your apple pie. 

Granny Smith will soften slightly during baking, but should hold a bit of crunch. This is a great apple for pies with a sweet crumble topping. Think Salted Caramel Apple Streusel or Spiced Apple Crumble Pie.

Honeycrisp and Pink Lady apples offers a touch of sweetness. They hold up well during baking and work well in a Traditional Apple Pie.  

Galas are the “Jan’s” of the apple world. They can be found almost anywhere, and are pretty sturdy. If you are running low on Fuji’s or McIntosh varieties, you can slice up a few Galas and add them to the mix. They will bake relatively well and offer a nice subtle flavor. 

Feel free to mix and match and find your favorite apples for your pie.

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