Salted Caramel Sauce


-This makes a little more than enough for one 9” pie.
- Keep caramel covered in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.
- This makes for a luscious and buttery caramel. You can opt for slightly less butter should you prefer a denser caramel.

What you'll need.

Granulated Sugar – 1 cup
Unsalted Butter, cubed – 6 Tbs
Heavy Cream - .5 cup (4oz)
Coarse Kosher Salt - .75 tsp

What you'll do.

Directions: Pre-measure all ingredients prior to starting. Leave each item on the counter beside you.

1. Pour sugar into a large saucepan (2-3qts) and spread out evenly.

2. Heat sugar on low to medium heat. At this point, do not walk away. Stay with your caramel. 

3. As the sugar starts to liquefy and brown at the edges, use a heat resistant spatula or wooden spoon to briefly stir your sugar mixture, pulling the outer edges of the sugar mixture towards the center of your pot.

4. Continue this pattern until all of your sugar has melted into an amber-colored liquid. Be cautious not to burn your sugar at this point. If your sugar turns to a dark brown color, it has gone too far. 

5. Once the sugar is completely melted and is an amber-color, immediately and quickly stir in the cubed butter. Your ingredients will bubble rapidly, so be very cautious! 

6. Once the butter has melted, but has not been incorporated, remove the caramel from the heat and quickly stir in the heavy cream.

7. Continue to stir the caramel sauce until smooth.

8. Add in salt and stir until incorporated.

9. Pour caramel into a heat resistant storage container. Allow caramel to cool (up to two hours) on your counter prior to putting it into the refrigerator. 

When you are ready to use your caramel, keep in mind the salt might have sunk to the bottom, so give your caramel a good stir. If the caramel is too thick to stir straight from the refrigerator, place your heat resistant container in the microwave and heat for 10 second increments, just enough to loosen your caramel and stir from the bottom.

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